Teeth Whitening

Professional Whitening For a Captivating Smile

Brighten your face with one of several teeth whitening choices. We’re here to help you achieve the white, bright smile you want.

Brighten Teeth By Up To 10 Shades.

Dr. Lordo uses the most advanced bleaching technology to deliver instantly noticeable results to patients who want whiter, brighter teeth.

Safe, easy, and effective—professional whitening is an attractive option if you want to quickly brighten your smile.

Why Professional Whitening:

  • Cover up stains caused by red wine, coffee, or smoking
  • Prepare for a wedding, prom, or special event
  • Enhance appearance for a job interview
  • Increase self-confidence with a gleaming smile

Why Choose Dr. Lordo:

  • Take-home whitening products
  • Professional consultation
  • Safe, and monitored application

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Why Choose Dr. Lordo?

With so many offices offering teeth whitening these days, why should you trust our team? We believe the results we offer exceed the results you can expect from over-the-counter products.

Exceptional Results

Dr. Lordo and team utilize the best technology to achieve the specific outcome you want to achieve.


Custom Appliances

Unlike one-size-fits-all home kits, we provide personalized trays for ideal applications.


Caring Team

The information and guidance form our team will help you feel more in control, more excited for your new smile.


Sensitivity Options

Professional products work faster and with less sensitivity.

What to Expect

Whitening requires a single appointment.

Based on your goals and treatment options, there many be additional steps to consider. Here are the most common experiences with our patients.

Dr. Lordo will discuss your goals and the desired shade you want to achieve. A take home kit (with special gel and trays) will be provided, along with instructions to properly apply at home.

We also offer Opalescence Go Whitening – Patients can purchase over the counter single use trays to whiten at home (10 per box).

Top Teeth Whitening FAQs

For most people, it will last 1-2 years. If you’re a heavy consumer of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, or other staining foods, you may need more frequent whitening.

In years past, sensitivity was an issue that often accompanied teeth whitening. But products have improved notably. While you may be sensitive for a day or two, our goal is to provide you with the smile color of your choosing, while also giving you options to ensure your comfort.


The simple answer is the strength of the products. Over the counter whitening cremes, gels, and trays can take many weeks to months see results. Professional products work much quicker.


The right choice varies by individual. Dr. Lordo will help you identify the best whitening option based on your goals, your timeframe, and the current condition of your teeth.