Modern Dentures

A great smile is within reach.

Sometimes, a mix of treatments is necessary to increase the health of your mouth or appearance of your smile. At Dr. Lordo, we align the right mix of knowledge, treatments and specialists to achieve your specific goals.

Smile Confidently With Modern Dentures.

A denture is a dental appliance that adheres directly to existing tissue in the mouth.

Modern materials are used to create a natural look with a comfortable fit. We create and place both full and partial dentures to help our patients achieve their goals.

Modern Dentures Are...

  • Made of acrylic or resin base
  • Comprised of porcelain teeth
  • Constructed using precise digital measurements
  • Easy to clean and maintain

In Order to Replace…

  • Lost or missing teeth
  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Teeth affected by trauma or accidents
  • Teeth impacted by cancer treatment

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A Unique Approach To Denture Design

Dr. Lordo is among only 10% of dentists in the country who are trained by The Dawson Academy to practice the concept of Compete Care Dentistry. Why does that matter? This approach to dentistry requires an understanding of every structural part of the chewing system, including jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and teeth—a perfect basis for dentures design and function

Denture Lab

We have been using the same denture lab for over 20 years. They are two ladies in the Mansfield area who have an amazing talent to custom fit people with the new smiles.

Big-Picture Planning

Dr. Lordo plans for the whole function of the new device—not just the cosmetic appearance.


Safe Sedation Options

We offer minimal, moderate, or deep sedation options so that you will have the level of comfort that best suits you.


Caring Team

You’ll receive personalized, detailed explanations of each step toward your dentures.


Focus on Serenity

Our office is designed to deliver a quiet, serene environment where your comfort is our top priority.


Exceptional Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care—and the highest results for our patients.

What to Expect

Modern dentures typically require a few appointments to ensure a proper, high-performing fit. All steps of the process are usually completed right in our Worthington office.

During an initial consultation, we will determine if dentures are the best option for your dental needs or goals. We may capture digital x-rays or images to facilitate our discussions.

Often, some remaining teeth need to be removed to accommodate denture placement. During this appointment, we’ll comfortably sedate you and remove the existing teeth and often times place a healing denture.

Once the removal sites have healed, we will place the new dentures or reline the healing dentures. We will take time to ensure their proper fit, and train you on how to care for your new appliance.

Modern Dentures FAQs

If they are not properly fitted, dentures can be uncomfortable. Dr. Lordo and team uses digital technology to capture precise measurements when designing new dentures.

In some cases, yes. We know that tooth extractions can make some patients nervous. We have a range of sedation dentistry options that allow even the most concerned of patients to enjoy a visit that is anxiety-free. Your comfort and trust is our priority.


Yes! Cheeks, lips, and facial features may experience sagging as the result of missing teeth. This deterioration can make eating and speaking more difficult. Replacing lost teeth with dentures restores the appearance of your smile while also providing the necessary support to keep your entire face healthy.