How We’re Different

We Help People Smile.

Dr. Anthony Lordo and Staff

How do we do it?

By realizing our vision:

We cherish our patients

We believe that family, fun, and values are important. As such, we always act with your best interest in mind, as if you were a member of our own family. We are always grateful that you’ve chosen us as your dental provider.

We provide complete treatment

Some offices treat what’s on the surface. Cosmetic challenges, Bite issues, Jaw Joint problems and headaches are deeper conditions. We work to accurately diagnose and identify the best possible treatment options for long-term success.

We provide excellent care

We are a cross-trained team, dedicated to growing professionally in all aspects of our work. You’ll always receive top-notch care and undivided attention from our team.

We embrace technology

In fact, our office is one of the most technologically-advanced in Columbus. But it is never about tech for the sake of tech—it is about what is proven to increase the quality of care and convenience for our patients.

We cultivate serenity

We do our best to help our patients feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident in what’s happening. We take the time to listen and practice thoughtfulness.

We Focus On Complete Care.

Dr. Lordo is specially trained in an approach to dentistry known as Complete Dentistry.

This approach leverages a comprehensive view of the four major components of a patient’s oral health:

  • The joints
  • The muscles
  • The occlusion (or, bite)
  • Teeth and supporting structures

Optimal dental health and function is achieved when all of these components are balanced, healthy, and working properly in harmony. As such, Dr. Lordo will always take time to evaluate each area when an issue or discomfort surfaces with the patient. Complete Dental Care will always provide you with the least amount of time, money and redundant dentistry over the long run.

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