Teeth in day with All on 4 or more dental hybrid implants

A Brand New Forever Smile.

All-on-4® or more dental implants are an ideal solution to replace an entire row (or set) of missing teeth. For patients who meet the criteria, the transformation is life-changing.

Implant Team

Our Implant Team: Rocco, surgical assistant; Trish, treatment coordinator, Dr. Lordo, your dentist; Dr. Cook, oral surgeon; Matt, 3i implant representative.

All-on-4® or more Implants Deliver Superior Results.

All-on-4® or more hybrid treatment provides patients with a brand new arch of teeth.

Unlike conventional dentures, replacement teeth and gums are anchored into place securely with dental implants. And unlike traditional implant treatments, All-on-4® or more hybrid implants utilize four or more implants to anchor a replacement arch of teeth in place with confidence.

All-on-4® or more Hybrid Implants Include:

  • Biocompatible titanium anchors
  • Natural looking teeth and gums
  • Strong titanium connecting bar

Resulting In:

  • A natural looking smile
  • Comfortable bite and function
  • Improved speaking & eating
  • “No-slip” performance
  • Uncovered roof of the mouth

The procedure is also known as “Teeth in a Day” because most people never go without teeth even for a single day. All-on-4® or more hybrid implants are placed during an outpatient procedure at our dental office. We meet to review your condition and determine your eligibility for All-on-4® or more hybrid implants. We will capture digital x-rays, photographs, analyze your jaw joint and take models and scan during this appointment.

Next few visits:

  • Special models of your mouth will be taken to make your healing prosthesis and you will meet our hand-picked surgical team.
  • While you are fully sedated, we surgically place the dental implants. We will also place temporary teeth that are not removable.

Next appointments:

  • After the appropriate amount of healing time, a series of appointments we’ll be made to finish your teeth.

See What’s Possible.

A full mouth reconstruction can be very different from person to person. But the final results are always impressive because they give you back you confidence to smile and ability to chew comfortably again.




See What’s Possible.

Two Locator implants Lower


Anterior Implant Bridge Before


Two Locator implants Denture Seated


Anterior Implant Bridge After


Why Choose Dr. Lordo?

All-on-4® or more treatment is a blend of science and art. Dr. Lordo and team are highly trained to deliver the best results in this area.

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Certified Training

Dr. Lordo is trained by the nation’s leading dental implant authority, the Midwest Dental Implant Institute.


Comfortable Environment

Every action considers your comfort—both physically and emotionally.

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Exceptional Standards

For the way we work to the results we deliver, our team is trained to never settle for less than exemplary results.


Caring Staff

A team that knows your name, listens to your concerns, and keeps you at the center of every conversation.

What Should You Expect?

All-on-4® implants are placed during an outpatient procedure at our dental office.

The procedure is completed in a single day.


First Appointment.

We meet to review your condition and determine your eligibility for All-on-4® implants. We may capture digital x-rays or scans during this appointment.

Second Appointment.

While you are fully sedated, we surgically place the dental implants. We will also place a temporary prosthetic denture.

Third Appointment.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to ensure that your All-on4® placement is working as planned. Once the implant has successfully integrated with your jaw bone, we will place your permanent dentures.

Contact Us To Take the Next Step.

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All-on-4® Implant FAQ's.

Why All-on-4® over conventional dentures?

All-on-4® treatment provides a permanently anchored solution. Unlike traditional dentures, your new teeth will never slip out of place. The treatment also strengthens the integrity of the jaw structure and the shape of a patient’s face—allowing for better functional outcomes with speech, chewing, and swallowing.

How do All-on-4® treatments differ from traditional implants?

Unlike traditional implants, All-on-4® implants do not require gum grafting procedures. The key is the placement of the back implants. Using an angled placement, we are able to place longer implant posts that result in a sturdy support base without requiring grafting support.

Will this treatment hurt?

Dr. Lordo makes every effort to provide you with options to fully maximize your comfort. You can choose either local anesthesia (awake, but unable to feel pain) or general anesthesia (asleep during the procedure). Your post-treatment comfort will also be a priority, and each option will be presented to you in advance so you can decide beforehand.