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Teeth Whitening
Dr. Lordo

Teeth Whitening in Worthington, OH

Have you considered improving your smile?

Did you know that statistics show that almost everyone (99.7% of the people, in fact) believes that a good smile is an important social asset that makes people appear more attractive. Not only does a nice, bright smile improve your overall appearance, brighter smiles also restore personal confidence with the impression of youth and vitality.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

You may have considered some of of the over-the-counter whitening options available at the drug store. However, there are some important benefits to having whitening performed by a dental professional:

  • In-office dental whitening solutions produce the fastest results. Teeth can be brightened up to 10 shades in only an hour
  • Seeing a dentist is the safest way to whiten. Those OTC mouth-whitening trays don’t always fit patients’ mouths properly, resulting in leakage of the whitening solutionUnfortunately, this may cause gum irritation and a less effective treatment.
  • If you experience gum and tooth sensitivity, an in-office dental whitening is the way to go. In-office bleaching treatments use thicker peroxide gels, as well as desensitizers, to minimize sensitivity problems.

Teeth Whitening Options

At our Worthington dental office, Dr. Lordo can help enhance your smile by giving you whiter and brighter teeth. With several affordable options available, there is a whitening treatment that fits every budget and schedule. When you schedule a whitening appointment with Dr. Lordo, he’ll perform an extensive evaluation to determine the best whitening product for you, based on your dental history, how quickly you want results, and your budget. Once the whitening product has been determined, expect to have those movie-star pearly-whites you’ve always wanted!

Are you ready to have a more beautiful, whiter smile?

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