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Will a Dental Implant Restore My Smile?

April 24, 2017 No Comments
dental implants for a beautiful smile

dental implants for a beautiful smileA missing or severely damaged tooth can have a number of negative effects on your health, from reducing your confidence in your appearance to making eating and drinking more complicated or painful.

With modern dentistry offering several different solutions to repairing or replacing a bad tooth, you may have grown frustrated or confused with the finding the best resolution to your problem. Dental implants could be your best bet – implants are a long-term, reliable and safe solution to restoring your smile.

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for a whole tooth, including the root, which is fixed to a bio-compatible post that is attached to your jaw bone. That post is typically made out of titanium or zirconia, with the artificial tooth or dental bridge itself usually crafted of porcelain.

Dental implants are cared for just like your other teeth, and if treated well, can potentially last the rest of your life.

The Implant Procedure

If you and your dentist determine that a dental implant is the best answer to your problem, the procedure begins with implantation of the titanium post through the socket of the missing tooth, and into the jaw.

The surrounding bone is given time to heal, and will for around the post to naturally secure it in place. This can take several months. An abutment is then secured to the post to hold the artificial tooth, and the soft tissues are allowed to heal again. After that takes place, your dentist crates a mold of your teeth and then places the final tooth.

What Conditions Can Best Benefit from Dental Implants?

Dental implants are ideal for replacing one or more missing teeth, but conditions need to be right for an implant to be the best option. The patient must have healthy gums and enough bone in the jaw to securely anchor the post in place.

Children whose jaws are still growing are not good candidates, nor are heavy smokers, those with chronic diseases like uncontrolled diabetes or hemophilia, or those with teeth grinding problems.

To best determine if a dental implant is right for you, it is imperative to be evaluated by your dentist.

Why You Should Consider Implants

For those who make good candidates for dental implants, the procedure offers many benefits. An implant functions exactly like your natural teeth, and helps protect the healthy bone in your jaw and surrounding natural teeth. They don’t require any special care other than your routine hygiene regimen, and offer no restrictions on what you can eat.

Implants also help retain the natural shape of your face, and since they are permanently placed, the patient avoids things like slippage or movement that come with dentures.

How Dr. Lordo Can Help

Depending on the condition of your teeth and overall health, a dental implant might be the best solution for repairing your smile. No matter your situation, though, our professional staff will evaluate your needs on an individual basis, and Dr. Lordo will provide the best possible restoration solution to make your smile its best. To get started, request an appointment online, or contact us at 614-885-4754.