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How to Keep Your Dentures Looking (and Feeling) Great

May 25, 2018 No Comments

For many of us who don’t have dentures (or even if we do), TV and movies have tricked us into thinking that their care is quick and easy – we just plunk them into a cup of water while we sleep, right? And while caring for dentures doesn’t have to be overly complicated, we do have to remain diligent to keep them looking and working their best.

If you have newly acquired dentures, or you think you may have dentures someday, it’s a good idea to learn their basics.

What are Dentures?

Put simply, dentures are synthetic teeth used to replace missing natural teeth, that can be taken out and put back in without a dentist’s help. They can either be full, or partial, but are custom-made to fit your unique mouth. Dentures don’t feel like your natural teeth, but they should be comfortable, and can be just as functional.

Why Maintaining Your Dentures is So Important

It may seem like dentures don’t need the same care as natural teeth – after all, they’re not very cavity-prone! However, plaque can still build up around dentures that are not adequately cared for, which can lead to decay and loss of your remaining teeth, can cause bad breath, and can contribute to gum disease. You should take your dentures’ cleaning as seriously as your natural teeth.

How to Properly Clean Dentures

Thankfully, dentures aren’t difficult to care for. For starters, it’s a good idea to wash them thoroughly after each meal, letting the water rinse away any loose food particles or other particulates. And yes – soak them. At night, or any time they are out of your mouth for an extended period, make sure to place them in water or a solution recommended by your dentist.

Dentures can (and should!) be brushed just like your natural teeth. However, be on the lookout for products and brushes specifically made for dentures, as they may be more effective, and more efficient at cleaning the synthetic surfaces.

And of course, you should still be scheduling regular cleaning visits with your dentist. Our dental professionals will not only give your dentures a thorough cleaning, but we’re able to assess their condition and determine if any repairs or adjustments are needed.

How to Safely Whiten Dentures

If you’re unhappy with the shade of your dentures, you can even whiten them at home. You can ask your dentist to recommend a whitening product made specifically for dentures, however – products containing bleach can weaken synthetic dentures, as can whitening toothpaste. Since dentures are made from different materials, your dentist will be able to offer whitening advice specific to your own dentures.

Otherwise, care for dentures as you would your natural teeth to keep them looking their best – brush and rinse them after every meal, limit your intake of stain-causing food and drink (coffee, sodas, etc.), and if you’re a tobacco user, it’s never the wrong time to quit.

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