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End the Year With a Healthy Smile

December 16, 2014 No Comments
new toothbrushes

We all love the holidays, especially the decadent desserts and festive drinks, but our teeth can really take a beating during this time. Keeping your mouth healthy and clean during the holidays (and year-round) is very important for your overall health. We recommend that you follow a few basic tips for keeping your smile bright this holiday season!

Swap out your toothbrush:

If it has been at least three months since you replaced your toothbrush then it is time for a new one. After 3-4 months the bristles wear down and are not as effective at cleaning your teeth.

new toothbrushes 

Use an oral rinse after meals:

Rinsing your mouth after eating, especially sugary treats will help to remove excess sugar build up on teeth and unwanted food particles. If you are on the go or traveling for the holidays don’t forget to take a small travel sized mouthwash with you so you can rinse after dessert.

Don’t skip the floss:

Flossing twice a day will help to remove any food particles that brushing did not remove. Carry floss with you to work,  holiday parties, and anywhere on-the-go to help combat those leftover food particles in the teeth.

After sugary treats, chew sugar-free gum:

Sugar itself is not harmful to teeth, it is the length of time it sits on teeth that causes the damage. If you are not able to brush or rinse after eating Grandma’s pecan pie simply chew a piece of gum. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production which helps to flush the mouth of the sugar.

Drink a lot of water:

If you just gulped down a coke with your meal simply follow with a glass of water. This will help to act as a rinse removing acids that can break down tooth enamel.

Brush twice a day:

Brushing and rinsing twice a day keeps you proactive in improving your dental health.

A healthy mouth will ensure overall health and wellness throughout the rest of your body. By following these simple tips throughout the holiday season you will prevent any cavities and promote a healthy mouth and smile. Keep a healthy smile this holiday and all year long!