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4 Reasons To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Regular Cleaning Appointment

September 18, 2013 No Comments
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We understand that life can get really busy–between family, friends, social obligations, and work duties, dental appointments can fall by the wayside.  However, we do want to emphasize that regularly coming in for a professional cleaning is really important not just to your teeth, but also to your overall health.  Here are 4 reasons to make sure you make your dental appointment:

Greater Confidence

At a minimum, you can expect regular professional cleanings to give you a whiter smile that will enhance your overall appearance.  A nice smile is a key factor when it comes to making a great first impression. With a whiter smile and fresher breath, your self-confidence will rise and you may even improve your social life by having the improved confidence to approach new people!

Reverse Tooth Decay

Most people are surprised to learn that tooth decay can be reversed, but it’s true.  Decay typically takes 5 years to go from the early stages to the final stage, the full blown involvement of the pulp or center of the tooth.  With regular cleanings, Dr. Lordo can alert you to any early signs of decay and advise you on how you can turn the process around.

Prevent Disease

Studies show that those who have regular teeth cleanings substantially reduce their risk of illness.  For example, gum inflammation has been linked to a hardening of the arteries, increasing the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.  Additionally, a correlation has been found between poor dental health and dementia.  So, if you want to lengthen your life span, look no further than Dr. Lordo.  While he’s not qualified to act as your nutritionist or personal trainer, he can help you earn that AARP card with his rigorous cleaning and mouth exams.

Decrease Sensitivity

One of the most common complaints that dental patients have is sensitive teeth.  Dr. Lordo can examine your teeth to determine the reason behind your sensitivity.  Hint:  most people are surprised to learn that tooth decay isn’t always the cause.  With his input at one of your scheduled cleanings, he can advise you on how to minimize the problem so you can resume your enjoyment of ice cream!

As you can see, from greater confidence to a longer life span, there are many good reasons to make 6 month dental cleanings a priority.  And, if you’ve been putting off your visit due to time constraints, we’re happy to schedule an evening appointment for you–just ask!