Alternative Treats To Hand Out This Halloween

October 28, 2014 No Comments
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tooth-friendly halloween treats

Trick-or-treat!  It’s that ghostly time of year again where parents and kids alike delight in magic, haunted houses, carved pumpkins, and of course, candy.  Yet, unfortunately, candy can wreak havoc on children’s teeth and many parents would love some healthier alternatives.  Below we offer up some ideas for tantalizing treats that are great for teeth:

Homemade Gummy Candies – While over the counter versions of gummy bears and gummy worms are loaded with tooth-threatening sugar, there are several recipes for making tooth-friendly gummy treats at home! We recommend this gummy spiders recipe from Parade using real fruit juices to create  an easy to make, no hassle, yummy treat.

Cheese Sticks – Cheese is a great teeth-friendly choice for the treat bag.  The calcium in cheese replaces the minerals that teeth may have lost from other foods. Additionally, cheese increases pH levels in the mouth, making cheese lovers less susceptible to tooth decay. What’s more – nearly every kid loves peeling a cheesy snack!

Mini-Frisbees – Giving away toys at Halloween is becoming a more popular trend every year. We recommend giving out indoor mini-frisbees as a fun gift that will have kids laughing and playing indoors throughout the winter months. Kids will love the novelty of a new toy and surprise gift!

Party Favors – Go to any party supply store and you’ll see a number of non-food items that make great Halloween treats.  Consider yo-yo’s, bubble soap, temporary tattoos, pencils, or stickers.  These novelty items are real crowd-pleasers among entertainment-hungry kids!

The average trick-or-treater consumes about 3 cups of sugar at Halloween time. That’s an astronomical amount of teeth-damaging sugar!  Rather than throwing candy into Halloween bags this year, consider something healthier like real fruit gummy snacks or non-candy treats.  Kids love them and parents will appreciate your teeth-friendly thoughtfulness! And once the festivities are over, be sure to schedule a checkup for your little ghoul!