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4 Things Considered to be Causes of Canker Sores

March 11, 2014 No Comments
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Canker sores can creep up on you unexpectedly, and then come on full force, causing you a lot of irritation and discomfort. Some people find that they develop canker sores so frequently that they need to have their dentist write them a prescription for topical pain relief. Here are 4 common factors that are considered to be the causes of canker sores:

Acidic foods

Acidic fruits, juices, or other foods that have a low pH can irritate the oral tissues of some people more than others. Examples include tomatoes and oranges. Some people can’t eat these without developing canker sores in their mouth, while other people just need to limit their intake.


External factors can affect your immune system. Elevated stress can cause an increase in blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and even be one of the causes of canker sores. If you can’t eliminate the cause of stress, try practicing relaxation exercises such as meditation or yoga.


Trauma doesn’t necessarily have to be something severe. Simple, seemingly minor irritations that come from the slip of a toothbrush, snagging an orthodontic bracket, or biting down on food the wrong way is enough to cause an ulcer that takes several days to heal.


A day spent outside without the proper sun protection can strain the immune system as well as irritate the skin. While some sunlight is necessary for good health (and absorption of vitamin D), too much can induce ulcers, cold sores, and of course cause sunburns. Wear a hat and sun protection when spending an extended period of time outside.

Thanks to soft tissue laser treatments, Dr. Lordo of Worthington, Ohio and Clintonville, Ohio is able to help patients eliminate their canker sore discomfort in just a few seconds, dramatically speeding up healing time. For recurrent ulcers, he may prescribe a medication to reduce discomfort and aid in healing. Call us today to discuss your concerns so that we can create a customized care plan to reduce your risk of canker sores.