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4 Reasons We Use Digital X-Rays

February 24, 2015 No Comments
digital dental x-ray

digital dental x-ray

When is the last time you saw somebody buying film for a camera? It’s probably been a while. Camera film is temperamental, tough to develop, and expensive!

Odds are, you own a digital camera because it’s easier and faster. You can edit your photos, access them instantly and they’re easy to work with. The same goes for our team when we use x-rays!

What is Digital Radiography?

A traditional x-ray uses photographic film not unlike a camera. The film is exposed to the x-ray radiation, and then is developed in a dark room.

Much like a digital camera, a digital x-ray simply takes the film out of the process. The “film” is instead captured with a digital scanner that turns the image into a picture file that goes straight to a computer.

The actual x-ray process remains mostly unchanged. Just like traditional x-rays, we insert a sensor into your mouth and take various readings.

Our practice has replaced conventional x-ray technology with digital radiography, and it’s for the better:

1. Time Saver

When a patient typically receives a dental x-ray, there’s a delay in getting the results. Having to develop the film takes time, and isn’t a process that can be rushed due to the sensitivity of the film.

With digital radiography, we get your results nearly instantly. It’s goes straight to our computer and we can review your x-rays much quicker.

2. Safer for You

While any x-rays require exposure to radiation, digital x-rays can expose you to up to 90% less radiation. This is especially helpful for those that require regular x-rays.

3. We Get a Clearer Picture

Just like it’s easier to manipulate an image in Photoshop, a digital x-ray is much easier to work with to identify anything that could be wrong.

Instead of being stuck with a static piece of film, we have all the options that digital images allow. For instance, we can magnify certain parts of the x-rays to get a closer look at the images.

There are also new technologies emerging using digital x-rays that allow for new and improved treatments. One such technology, called subtraction radiography, allows dentists to compare new readings to previous versions to figure out minute changes in the structure of your teeth.

4. Eco-Friendly

Filing cabinets are an old man’s game; having everything in digital form means that transferring medical records becomes as easy as sending an e-mail. Which means there’s much less hassle for our practice and for you.

Also, due to the files being digital, there is no need for chemicals or a darkroom, and no wasted film. As we move towards a paperless society, our practice is doing its part.

We are keeping up on the newest technology, and digital radiography is no exception. We take pride in our usage of modern x-rays for their convenience, safety, and ability to open up new avenues to help us best treat you as a patient.