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4 Healthy Foods to Pack in Your Child’s Lunch This Year

August 15, 2014 No Comments

fresh veggies

One of the best things you can do for your child’s smile is to encourage them to have a balanced diet with tasty and healthy lunch ideas. Eating the right foods not only boosts their immune system, or makes their smile healthier….it gives them the energy and concentration to get through the school day while doing their best.


Cheese has been found to neutralize the pH inside of the mouth, limiting the capabilities of decay-causing bacteria. Does your child like cheese? Feel free to experiment with different flavors, cut it into fun shapes, or just a ready-grab package of string cheese. It will also give them calcium for bone and tooth development, and help keep them fuller, longer.


Fish-oils are full of Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for attention, immunity, and disease prevention. Fish oils encourage healthy gum tissue and are perfect for students that need extra help focusing. You might want to prepare some tuna salad to eat on crackers, with a spoon, or even on veggies.

Crispy Veggies

Fresh, crispy veggies (or fruit) supply lots of vitamins for your child. They’re better for you than eating cooked or canned vegetables. The crisp texture of veggies like carrots and celery also help clean your child’s teeth while they’re eating them. If your child has especially bad oral hygiene or tends to get more plaque build up than other children, then having them end their meal with crispy produce is an excellent choice.

Tap Water

A packaged water bottle may be easier to grab, but there’s nothing better for your child to drink than regular tap water. Feel free to dress it up in a special thermos or bottles that are decorated with their favorite characters. Tap water contains regulated fluoride levels that discourage tooth decay. It also helps clean the teeth and is healthier for their smile than fruit juices, sports drinks, or sodas.

Since your child usually won’t be brushing their teeth at school, it’s a good idea to put foods into their lunch box that will decrease bacterial growth and keep teeth strong. By making these foods easily available to your child, you’re also helping them try new flavors and textures that they might otherwise veer away from, as well as protecting their teeth. To bring your child in for a consultation, don’t forget to request an appointment today!