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4 Things to Look Out for if You’re Dieting This Summer

July 15, 2014 No Comments


When the weather is hot, most of us are trying to work hard at having that great “swimsuit body” for when we’re out on the lake or at the beach. It’s a time when we start paying more attention to what we are eating (or drinking) in an effort to drop a few pounds. However, some of the simplest things that people are attracted to may have an impact on your smile. Here are a few healthy eating tips to consider if you are on a summertime diet:

Diet Drinks and Sports Drinks

One of the biggest misconceptions among dental patients is that diet drinks are better for their teeth, because there is no sugar in them. Although they contain a different (artificial) type of sugar, they still are not great for your teeth. In fact, some diet sodas are even more acidic than others.  Sports drinks are just as bad, and if you’re drinking them on a frequent basis all day long, they can lead to more cavities than even the sweetest sodas. Stick to drinking lots of water. It will help you stay hydrated as well as keep your teeth cleaner.

Sugar-Free Snacks

Again, sugar free foods don’t necessarily mean they’re “better” for you, it just means there isn’t table sugar in them. This is important if you’re diabetic, but otherwise the carbohydrates and other types of sweeteners can still cause excess plaque bacteria in your mouth.

Small, Frequent Meals

Some diets recommend eating small amounts on a more frequent basis. Dentally, this can cause bacterial plaque and acids to be active for a longer period of time on your teeth. If you’re prone to tooth decay and gingivitis, and are following this eating pattern then be sure to brush after every meal. Otherwise the increased amount of exposure can have damaging effects on your dental health.

Popsicles and Frozen Fruit Products

Frozen fruit often contains sweeteners and artificial products. You don’t get all of the benefits of fruit when you’re eating it in a processed form. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Not only are these great for you nutritionally, they also boost the health of your smile!

If you’re starting to notice certain foods make your teeth sensitive, then it’s time to schedule a visit with Dr. Lordo to make sure there aren’t any problems such as cavities. Tooth decay often is most apparent when you experience discomfort during a meal or snack. Regular check-ups can pinpoint these areas early, and even prevent cavities from forming.