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3 Tips for Packing Lunch with Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

April 11, 2014 No Comments
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A busy routine can cause many people to stumble into pitfalls with their lunches during the work week. Just running out for a bite to eat not only has a lot of hidden calories (even in seemingly “healthy” foods), but it can also be worse for your smile. By packing your own lunch each day, you can balance your diet and improve the health of your teeth (not to mention save a few bucks while you’re at it).

Always include fresh fruits or vegetables

Crispy, fibrous fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, or celery stimulate gum tissue as you chew them. They’re perfect to eat after softer, stickier foods so that less plaque is left on the teeth. The vitamins and minerals inside of fresh produce benefit the health of the gums as well as boost the immune system. Always go for uncooked, raw produce when possible.

Put a lot of thought into what you’re drinking

Liquids have the potential to reach nearly every tooth surface in the mouth, especially those areas deep between teeth where cavities are most likely to form. If you’re drinking a soda, sweet tea, juice, milk, or energy drink, those all contain some type of sugar, which increases the potential for tooth decay. Although you don’t have to avoid these all together, you do need to limit your intake. It’s best to go for an option such as unsweetened tea or water. Water naturally cleanses the teeth and washes food debris away without the risk of it contributing to decay when you’re consuming it on an everyday basis.

Include some cheese or yogurt

The pH in cheese can neutralize acidic breakdowns in the mouth, reducing overall wear on the teeth. Calcium also strengthens teeth and bones, keeping them stronger. Eat it at the end of the meal to reduce the acidic effects of the other foods that you’ve consumed.

Packing your own lunch won’t just save you a few bucks during the week; it may also reduce the cost of dental care later on. Take note to what you put into your body every day, because it really does affect what our smiles will look like in the long run! If you still have questions about proper oral health, feel free to contact Dr. Anthony Lordo’s office for answers.