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3 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

February 18, 2014 No Comments

Even when dental treatment is absolutely necessary, many people put it off until they are in excruciating pain because the thought of dental care makes them extremely anxious. At some point, treatment is inevitable and you have to follow through with it no matter what. For patients with anxiety about dental care, whether it’s mild or severe, sedation dentistry options are one of the greatest benefits of modern dentistry. No matter how much treatment needs to be performed, or how nervous the dentist makes you, Dr. Anthony Lordo DDS gives you 3 reasons why sedation dentistry is so beneficial:

You can usually complete all of your treatment during a single appointment

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting a cleaning, or if you have multiple crowns and bridges to be placed; sedation dentistry appointments can allow you the convenience of getting most treatments completed during one visit. This also helps the dentist work more efficiently, because the patient’s comfort is constant throughout the entire appointment.

Sedation is perfect no matter what level of anxiety you have

From mild anxiety about the dentist to severe fear of anything dental related, sedation allows people of all needs to remain comfortable the entire time. No one should ever feel embarrassed about asking for sedation services, it is more common than people think.

You can safely tune out everything going on during the appointment

Sedation patients are constantly monitored throughout the entire visit, so they don’t have to worry. Most people say they feel like they’re half-asleep, and don’t remember anything. We do ask that patients bring a friend or family member with them, as they will need to have someone escort them home until the remainder of the medications wears off.

Putting dental care off only leads to more serious needs later on. For example, a tooth that needed a crown may also need a root canal if treatment isn’t completed in a timely manner. Sedation dentistry is the answer to getting all of your care completed, when you need it without the stress and anxiety.