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Articles From: October 2013

3 Facts You Should Know About Digital X-Rays And Their Impact On Your Child

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on October 23, 2013

When parents bring their young children to our office, one of their most frequent concerns is the safety of x-ray technology.  It’s a valid question: traditional x-rays can expose children to an uncomfortable amount of radiation.  Our office uses digital x-ray technology to provide a much safer means of looking into the mouths of our… Read More

Categories: Dental Health, General Oral Health

5 Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy That Are Delicious And Fun

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on October 9, 2013

With Halloween right around the corner, we know you need to get prepared for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell in the near future. Dr. Lordo and his staff want to share their ideas for fun treats—some of them are delicious, some of them are non-edible, but all of them are fun! If you’re ready to up… Read More

Categories: Holidays