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Alternative Treats To Hand Out This Halloween

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on October 28, 2014

Trick-or-treat!  It’s that ghostly time of year again where parents and kids alike delight in magic, haunted houses, carved pumpkins, and of course, candy.  Yet, unfortunately, candy can wreak havoc on children’s teeth and many parents would love some healthier alternatives.  Below we offer up some ideas for tantalizing treats that are great for teeth:… Read More

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5 Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy That Are Delicious And Fun

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on October 9, 2013

With Halloween right around the corner, we know you need to get prepared for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell in the near future. Dr. Lordo and his staff want to share their ideas for fun treats—some of them are delicious, some of them are non-edible, but all of them are fun! If you’re ready to up… Read More

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