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Do You Know How to Handle a Dental Emergency?

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on July 20, 2017

Many of us are familiar with what to do during a medical emergency. But the subject of dental emergencies isn’t discussed nearly as often, even though injuries to the mouth and other incidents are fairly common. If you’ve never had to quickly handle a dental emergency, you might not even know where to begin. But… Read More

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Should I Avoid Giving Fruit Juice To My Baby?

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on June 13, 2017

For those of us with children or grandchildren, we just want what’s best for them. Juice can be a good source of nutrients for growing kids, but it also carries the risk of negatively affecting their oral health. Making the right decision for your child’s needs isn’t easy, especially with the array of choices at… Read More

Categories: Dental Health

These Common Causes of Bad Breath May Surprise You

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on May 22, 2017

No one wants to worry about what their breath smells like, especially when at work, meeting a friend, or even on a date! And for some of us, our breath can still feel stale after a solid brushing. Even if you are taking the proper steps to clean your teeth, there are some dental issues… Read More

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Will a Dental Implant Restore My Smile?

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on April 24, 2017

A missing or severely damaged tooth can have a number of negative effects on your health, from reducing your confidence in your appearance to making eating and drinking more complicated or painful. With modern dentistry offering several different solutions to repairing or replacing a bad tooth, you may have grown frustrated or confused with the… Read More

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5 Reasons to Choose Porcelain Over Metal Crowns

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on March 16, 2017

Modern technology has brought many advances to the field of dentistry, especially when it comes to restoration. If the time comes that you need significant restoration following a root canal or damage to one or more teeth, porcelain veneers now provide a durable, natural-looking option to get your smile shining again. Dental crowns are used… Read More

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What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Veneers?

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on February 16, 2017

Sometimes, not even the most thorough cleaning can bring your smile back to its original luster. In other instances, damage or misalignment can make it seem like your teeth will never reach the appearance you would have them to be. Cosmetic veneers, however, can provide a profound transformation of your smile, correcting the vast majority… Read More

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

4 Reasons Why Your Young Child Needs to Visit a Dentist

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on January 19, 2017

Not every child is excited about going to the dentist. In fact, many children’s fear or anxiety can make a regular teeth cleaning feel like a major battle. However, the importance of regular dental care at a young age cannot be underestimated. Pediatric dentistry is crucial to children’s overall health, and getting them used to… Read More

Categories: General Oral Health

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for my Dental Anxiety?

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on December 8, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with admitting the dentist chair might cause you some anxiety. You’re not alone – it’s estimated that between 30 and 40 million Americans avoid the dentist out of anxiety and fear. But avoiding routine visits can lead to health risks, along with more involved, sometimes more expensive procedures. And while the thought… Read More

Categories: Sedation Dentistry

Yes, You Still Need to Floss Your Teeth

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on November 15, 2016

A number of articles in the past few years have called the benefits of regular flossing into question. Whether the claim is that dental flossing has no benefit, or that the results aren’t worth it, story after story has probably crossed your screen. So – why floss your teeth? Flossing is a crucial part of… Read More

Categories: General Oral Health

How to Get Your Teeth Ready for the Holidays

Posted By: Dr. Lordo, on October 17, 2016

It may feel like summer was just yesterday, but we’re quickly moving into the holiday season. Between prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas, traveling, school, sports, and work functions—your calendar might already be booked solid through January. With such hectic schedules, oral hygiene can sometimes get neglected during the holiday season. But with just a little… Read More

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